Patrick NUPERT paints another poetic reality than that to which the hand of man tends by default.

For the artist, beauty emerges from a naturally intelligent intuitive force of things, which expresses itself in a disorganized chaos of matter and life. It is a question of uniting in a pictorial oxymoron, what human logic opposes: beauty and disorder, life and accident, anecdote and the essential.

Combine the seemingly irreconcilable to say the Beautiful, look at life in its most mysterious and most perfect, where the question of identity is conceived as a questioning of the past in relation to a future to be built. With him, Matter, Unfinished, Scream, Surprise and Life are only present to confront each other and then observe each other in a shared acceptance, and it is in this that painting is a privileged moment.

In this tangle of feelings and states, the artist expresses his faith in Life and in that it abounds in surprise and profusion. The anchoring of his works in the concern for an expression as accurately as possible of an introspective reality, makes this pictorial creation an initiatory quest, of which each line and each word is its breath.